The Mark of Prophecy

Entry 26

As recorded by Bree…

1 Therendor 999 YK

Kin wuz not Happy that Tethys wanted to go to the Fortres of Fayding Dreems but Who cares. Meriele put us a Long Way from the Fortres so we cud go in at the Mornin. We walkded up to the Fortres and fownd some Peepul and Mel almost fuuled them to think that we were Fae sum how becuz they are Reelly Stoopid but then we had to fight them anyway. They are all Crazy too. None of Them had heard of Tethyses Bruther but They sed They killed all Hoomans.

We went to the Fortres and tryed the Pass Word but it wuz Rong so we went to the Dunjons to look for Rekords of Tethyses Bruther but then Things got Reelly Weerd. we found a Burning Bilding with the Flying Noll who tryed to kill Tethyses Other Bruther in Regalport and we fawt It but It hurt and Mel told Us that It wuz not Reel but I reelly wunted to kill That Guy becuz Wings are Cheeting. Then the Bilding wuz Gone and We were in a Forest and Varis wuz There and then He chokeded Me and That wuz Weerd becuz he wuz almost Okay for an Elf and I wuz Afraed he wud be Bad in the End then We were Back in the Very Begining but then the Ice opened and it wuz a Dragon only with Three Heds and he wuz Reelly Reelly Strong and then Tethys went off the Ledge but she wuz Okay and then Adrik went over the Edj but he’s Hevy and Short and dus not Teleprot so he wuz Not Okay and also He kept loosing his Ax. Tethyses Family came Back and grabbed Us but Mel kind of tuk care of Them and then the Dragon had 4 Heds but We still beet It.

Then We woke Up and We were with the Dragon but He only had One Hed and He had been in the Fortres for a Long Time. We Both wanted to talk to the King so He flue Up to distract the Peepul in the Castel becuz They kept talking in Our Heds and We went Up and found Him. I think It wud be Reelly Kool if We cud all fly around on Dragons.

King Tear Leean Doresh wuz Reelly Krazy. He wunted to put Us back in Bad Dreems becuz He duz not like Peepul who are Not Crazy but also He has been puting Kaos in the World from the Fortres so We tryed to tell Him that we have been puting Kaos in the World without even trying too and He liked That but wunted Us to sine on with Him but We are not That Stoopid and He also had not heard of Tethyes Bruther but He is probably still Ded. But then They were trying to Brake In and so We got Meriele to pick Us up but acshually We were Gone for Three Days so That wuz Reelly Krazy.



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