The Mark of Prophecy

Entry 27

From the Journal of Adrik Sornath Mroranon…

6 Therendor 999 YK

So Daruush doesn’t like us as a group. Apparently he hasn’t been able to get any adventuring jobs since returning from the expedition – the Aurem’s blacklisted all of us that went to Frostfell. Well, as long aswe can keep him alive through the 14th, we can keep the rakshasa’s plan from working out as well as it’d like. I’m okay with that; hopefully we don’t let him onto the airship between now and then. (Hell, hopefully we haven’t already.) Not only did we pick up Daruush, we killed a few slavers that thought we’d make good captives, and any day we clean up the scum of the earth is a good day in my book.

5 Therendor 999 YK

Kennrun fell to the Lord of Blades, seemingly recently (it was still smoldering when we got there). We flew over it on our way to Darguun, noticed an unfamiliar flag, and decided we should investigate. All the Brelish soldiers were dead, and warforged were on sentry duty. Not many, though, which is even more troubling – either the Lord of Blades didn’t bring very many soldiers (which I doubt), or the vast majority of his invasion force is on its way further into Breland.

Also, it’d be great if we had some way of teaching Arjhan the real Sending ritual. I’m impressed that he was able to make anything work, but with House Sivis, you know exactly how many words you have. Trying to message Daruush didn’t work too well.



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