The Mark of Prophecy

Entry 28

As Recorded by Bree…

14 Therendor 999 YK

Mel thot the rakshasa cud only look like big peepul, so he wanted to put me and Torah and Rogan on a skiff with Daruush on the day of the attack. but evrywun els wanted Rogan to make poshuns and Torah is yoosless in a fite so it was just me and it is not a big skiff. Muriel was teeching me how to fly the skiff which is fun but hard and she is reely girly and she made me girly too so that part was not good but the flying was fun.

Mel wanted Daruush to use a poshun to make him look like Mel and Mel wud take a poshun to look like Daruush and then the rakshasa wud attack Mel and he wud jump out of the airship and use fetherfall and not die some how. But Daruush was not good at being Mel and so we went flying and I am not a good flyer but it was okay until the grifins showed up.

The rakshasa was one of the grifin guys and he burned the other one and then he attacked us and he is very strong and I am not a good fighter on a small skiff and I almost got us back to the airship but then I got back and then he killed Daruush and I hate him.

There were more grifins on the ship but they were not as strong as the rakshasa and Mel had a stupid plan and I am going to hurt him lots for making Daruush die.



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