The Mark of Prophecy

Entry 29

As recorded by Bree…

7 Eyre 999 YK

So We went up the River with Him and got ataked by Drow Which are Blak Eviler Elves and like Dark and only speek Giant and are Reely Dumb. So wen We took One as a Prizuner He wuz Use Less.

5 Eyre 999 YK

We went back to the Bar and got a Boat Driver to take Us throo the Jungel but then wen We went to meet Him He got stabed in the Back by a Shifter named Thawrn or Thorn and He hates Elves too and will not sell Us for our Bownty and He is allmost the Best Ever.

4 Eyre 999 YK

Becuz We are Wunted, We cood not go strate to Storm Reech and We had to use the Skiff to get In. Kin left Heer becuz He thot He cood not be foloed eezily. We went to look for How Zam got the Infermashun. Tethyses Groop herd at a Bar that Zam wuz a Good Advencherer but that His Groop allmost died on This One. Later I folowed a Bar Tender and herd Wer Zam had gon.

17 Therendor 999 YK

Volog and Karmuk got Us Stuff to smugl so that We cood make the Ship Better wen We get to Storm Reech. Tethys Reely likes the Sheep.

16 Therendor 999 YK

I tolded Dolph and Adrik Wut hapend to Daruush and how Mel skrued Us over. I cot Most of the Griffons so We can make Money off of Them becuz We are Por. Down Under the Dek Mel had cot Two of the Dwarvs that ataked Us and wus axing them Kweschuns but He is Reely Bad at Interigating. They wur luking for that King Gie that Mel likes so much. But They did not noe about Ret and sed that They wood send Lots More Peepul after Us so It is Good that We are goeing to Xendrik. Mel and Tethys wer Too Nice and let Them go in a Forest and did not kill Them. Arjhan also left becuz He wunted to warn Lady Ir’Ryliss becuz She is Next to Die frum the Rakshasa and also We will noe Wut hapens while We are Gon.



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