The Mark of Prophecy

Entry 31

From the Account of Dolph ir’Aeolus…

10 Eyre 999 YK

Dear Journal:

We were (as was somewhat expected) attacked in the night. We managed to dispatch these drow fairly efficiently, despite the lack of Thorn for the fight. He had apparently snuck away to engage in his own, preferred, method of dispatching drow (i.e., mutilation and torture) without interference with us.

In the morning, we fought another room of drow, and retrieved some things from them. Using Amfemys to scout again, we discovered three half-drow/half-scorpion monsters coming toward us, and also the path to what was likely the throne room of the castle, guarded by two statues (which we later learned were, in fact, gargoyles) and two drow. We ambushed the three drow-pions fairly effectively, and then brought the fight to the drow and gargoyles without stopping to rest after Bree decided to charge in without taking a break. Fortunately, Tethys was able to successfully distract the gargoyles from completely wrecking us while we fought the drow.

After a brief rest, we then entered the throne room, and encountered what appeared to be a dracolich. While it wasn’t easy, we did manage to dispatch it relatively quickly, and then found a room of records and such behind the throne room of the castle. Torra found them fascinating, and while I was not quite as interested as her, the idea of studying the economics of giant civilization was a bit astounding.

As we were preparing to leave (as a scout trip by Amfemys showed that the drow had set up camp on the other side of the castle from where we began), Mel and I noticed that the dracolich had some unusual qualities. With some further study and some excellent stalling by Melchizedek (yelling in draconic), we managed to discern that (among other things, this dracolich had been created after the dragon originally died, something Mel was quick to point out is not supposed to work. We chose to take some of the bones with us for further inspection.

With additional work by Balathron and Thorn, we managed to move the throne off of the secret passage it blocked, and were lucky enough that it let us out of the castle on the side we came in on, thus allowing us to avoid detection by the newly arrived drow.

(hoot hoot hoot)

Amfemys notes that I should mention that the air around the castle was amazingly dense and humid. When we returned to Adrik, we learned from him that the water was acidic, and thus non-potable. This reminded Mel and Tethys of something they had heard of before called “environmental diffusion.” After some further research and study, they learned that it occurs in rare cases when an ancient dragon is killed, leading to the very rapid decay of the skeleton and destruction of the surrounding area. Based on how long it took us to get down-river before the acidity dissipated, and the nature of the environmental effects, we surmise that it was an incredibly powerful ancient black dragon, though how and when it died remains unknown.

(Hoot hoot)

Amfemys is heading out to do her fly-about of the ship. I should probably tuck in as well.



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