The Mark of Prophecy

Entry 32

From the Account of Dolph ir’Aeolus…

19 Eyre 999 YK

Dear Journal:

Well, after some extensive deliberations, the group has concluded that we never actually met Zam, and that he was in fact the rakshasa. Given the lack of information to be had in Xendrik, and how Zam died, it would completely make sense that the rakshasa sent us there.

Additionally, Darin was able to provide us with further information about the goings-on in Khorvaire. The news from Breland is quite disturbing, to say the least. It’s unfortunate that the rest of the nearby groups have moved on us now, when the cause for democracy had reached its breaking point. I fear that a divided Breland will very simply cease to exist, given that the military has been somewhat ineffective due to the civil war. I also fear that my family is lost.

But there are other things afoot. While I do support the cause for a free and democratic Breland, there are other things that are more important right now. Like saving the world.

Ever since that day in the elemental chamber, I’ve been pondering how far I would be willing to go to save the world. Xanthis’s parting thought was an interesting one…and I’m finding more and more that the lengths to which I would go to save the world are much further than I ever thought. I don’t know how ready I’d be to put them into practice…theoretical concepts are fine until examined in the lab…but I find myself seriously considering actions that I once would never have conceived.


Amfemys requests that I note her fairly strong displeasure with these thoughts. It has thus been noted.

18 Eyre 999 YK

Dear Journal:

Apparently I asked Tethys out last night? That’s…well, been a long time coming, I suppose…thanks to the alcohol for making me willing enough to do it, I suppose.

Looking back on what we learned last night from Mel and Balathron: the dragon bones we brought with us were very well made forgeries, not actual dragon bones. That’s even more peculiar than we thought.

Also, we managed to come across Matias, Tethys’s brother. The one thought dead in the Fortress of Fading Dreams. She managed to hit him and damage his nose before running away in tears. I managed to catch up to her (to my surprise, honestly), and was able to hug her until she calmed down enough to go see him again. The rest of the group managed to corral him, and they managed to at least discuss their issues. Having a good relationship between them is probably years away, but at the very least she knows that he’s still alive.

Also, the remodeled ship looks amazing. Volog did some fantastic work. Our new war room looks excellent, especially the Khorvaire table at the center.

17 Eyre 999 YK

Dear Journal:

I’m pretty drunk rite now. After not findin anything in the castl and the realization that the rakshsa kiled Lady irylis, most ofus wanted to get drunl and drown our sorows.

Thornn left the group from the tavern, but wouldnt say why, said hed be bac later…I tried to folow him. It’d be nice havin one of his skils wit us, but I dont trust him completely. But while I could keep trac of him, I couldn’ keep myself hidden enough for him to not notice me. Adrik sent me back to the tavern. When I asked him later, he said he lost him.

Also, I got drunk enough that I asked Tethys out. Her response was that we shoud go home, since I’m drunk. Still not a no!


Amfemys isn’t happy that I’m drunk. Oh well. Here goes.



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