The Mark of Prophecy

Entry 33

From the Journal of Adrik Sornath Mroranon…

1 Dravgo 999 YK

We’ve had our meeting with The Chamber. The most eventful part of the trip so far hasn’t been meeting the dragons, but the fight when we landed the griffons and were trying to sneak around. Medusas suck. Each of us was petrified at least once, and while most of us recovered pretty quickly, Dolph’s was a bit more permanent.

Mel knew what the fix was, though, and we decided to prank Dolph. Mel thought it would be hilarious to have Tahn pretend to be Old Melchizedek, wake Dolph up, and convince him that he’d been stone for decades. We couldn’t see it, but Dolph clearly bought it, and Taun was having a lot of fun trolling him.

Eventually, we all came clean, and rested up just in time for a dragon to show up. We tried to switch Taun into a member of the Chamber to get us the passphrase we needed, but it didn’t quite work; luckily (?), someone whom Dolph and Darin recognized as Xanthis was willing to say we were the ones they were looking for. (That’s reassuring.)

Xanthis and the Chamber believe that of the group the Prophecy says will destroy the world and the group that’ll save it, we’re probably in the second one. They did say there could be some overlap. We told them what we knew about the rakshasa, and they said that when it was appropriate, they would tell us what we need to know. (So much help.)

25 Eyre 999 YK

Thorn, Kinharathad, and Gavin Sol/the guy who took us to Lost are all the same person. He (I think? Who knows?) is a changeling avenger of the Traveler, working for the Cabinet of Faces. There’s a trigger phrase that wipes his personality and allows us to give him a new one which he will absolutely believe is his real one, and we (mostly Dolph and Mel) spent some time figuring out the limits on it. (Jonah was not pleased with this, saying things like “his psyche’s obviously broken, and he needs help to break free of his delusions.” I get why he thinks that, but I don’t see the use in trying to fix him.)

He doesn’t remember who he was before he was Chosen (his word, not ours). When we asked him to be “a changeling avenger of the Traveler,” the name he chose was Taun.

We go to meet with the Chamber in a few days. Depending on how much Certain People talk, this could go very, very poorly.



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