The Mark of Prophecy

Entry 34

From the Account of Dolph ir’Aeolus…

7 Dravgo 999 YK

Arjhan contacted us today asking for “pickup,” presumably because the airship has now reached Khorvaire. Our response was simply limited to “stolen,” due to his message length. Fortunately, his next Sending had more words, so we could explain more clearly. He claims to be coming to pick us up.

The full moon soon approaches, and with it, the rakshasa’s attempt on Bree. I do hope she survives. While she can be a complete bitch, she has proven useful in battle before, and we’ll need all the help we can get.

My thoughts turn to Tethys, as well. After Bree, her turn is next, and then mine. While I fear what repercussions it will have in the meantime, I plan to talk with her about our status soon; I would much rather confess my love for her before her death than after.


Amfemys agrees.

3 Dravgo 999 YK

So, late last night, Minstrelthebard walked out of the water. He claimed to have dived off the top deck of the ship in an effort to join Meriele on the skiff, and missed. Upon hitting water, he decided to walk back to us. Apart from the ear-rending “songs,” it’s good to have him back. In the meantime, we have begun construction on a boat

2 Dravgo 999 YK

When we attempted to return to the Vengeance last night, the airship was merely a distant speck. Not too long afterward, the skiff landed, with Meriele, Jonah, King Kaius, and our young page. Jonah claimed that the ship was under attack and that the four of them were the only ones who had managed to excape.

After some deliberation, we concluded that the two best options were to send animal messengers to Paldrith, asking him to turn around, and to use Melchizedek’s magic chest to send a shadow serpent to the ship to investigate.

When the shadow serpent arrived, he found a great deal of blood shed, most of it apparently caused by the two gargoyles that Tethys invited aboard. The two gnomes were tied up in the brig, and Paldrith was in bed with his mistress, who we now conclude is a succubus.

1 Dravgo 999 YK

Balothron met with The Chamber in private. What he said inside, I will likely never know. The same is likely true of Darin. Taun, on the other hand, we know a bit more about, in that Xanthis came outside to check his story. Fortunately, he was good at portraying what he had told The Chamber to Tethys and I, and we were able to confirm his claims to have grown up in Regalport with Tethys, and met me while I was at university.

The Chamber then abandoned us to leave the island by our own devices. However, a single silver dragon remained, claiming to believe that unlike the rest of The Chamber, it was best not to leave us to our own devices while they deliberated.



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