Arjhan Da'Seka Flamebrow

Dragonborn Emissary for Q'Barra



Arjhan left his home in Q’barra some months ago on a pilgrimage of sorts, an attempt to gain a better understanding of the various cultures recent settlers have brought to his homeland. By doing so, he hopes to help integrate the disparate groups and turn Q’barra into a strong, unified land. During his travels, he was contacted by an agent of Lady ir’Ryliss for her expedition

The Expedition

After the the Artifact was retrieved, Arjhan manifested the Mark of Scribing. Shortly after, while protecting Bree from a demon, he was bitten and contracted some form of Abyssal Plague. He fell into a coma, and the limited Healing abilities of the expedition were not enough to help him, prompting the decision to make for Stormhome. Despite the difficulties, he reached the island alive, and members of House Jorasco were able to heal him.

He discovered his Mark had given him the ability to understand Abyssal, and he began translating the strange book Torra had recovered from the crash. Later, in Thaliost, he believed that the Artifact should be turned over to the Silver Flame, and sided with that group

After the Expedition

Arjhan chose to remain with the party as they made their way to the Lhazaar Principalities and beyond.

Dragonmark: Mark of Scribing

Notable Quotes:

Arjhan Da'Seka Flamebrow

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