Halfling Scout from the Talenta Plains


Initiative: 11

Str 14
Con 12
Dex 20
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 14

+2 Point-blank Bow: +2 damage, +2d6 on a critical hit. Also, +2 AC against opportunity attacks when making a ranged attack. Encounter Power: free action to make a ranged attack and not provoke opportunity attacks.

+2 Armor of Durability: +2 to AC, healing surge heals an additional 2(?) HP.


Dragonmark: Mark of Handling

Birthday: 14th of Dravago (17 at journey’s beginning)

Mother: Elwin. A fairly good healer, though not a house member. She taught Bree all that she knows in the ways of basic triage.

Father: Tarkin. Head of the tribe.

Quite a few brothers, some of which are still wandering within the tribe. One of her older brothers married a halfling lass from a tribe that had similar grazing grounds during parts of the year, so he left Bree’s tribe to be with them. Two of them died during attack of/from Valenar incursions. Bree also has a sister, but she took to healing and other ‘girly’ pursuits a lot more than Bree ever did.

Clawfoot: Kubla. He is long-suffering but very faithful. Because Bree has the annoying habit of leaving him behind where he can’t help her out of whatever trouble she’s gotten into this time, he learned how to open doors, since those have become his main impediment upon leaving the open plains. Now that the group has an airship that they keep leaving him on, he plans to learn how to fly, or at least descend to the ground less painfully.

Hails from the southern parts of the Talenta Plains, where her tribe has been fighting incursions from Valenar. She had contact with some Valenar elves (hates ‘em) and some few people from Q’barra. Thanks to these experiences, she is less prejudiced against outside cultures than some of the other Talenta tribes further into the Plains, but these prejudices may be changing as she sees more of the world.

Because elves are BIG, she prefers long-ranged combat. Though Kubla may personally prefer melee range, he’s not stupid.

Bree believes in pragmatism above most things. Knowledge should be given on a need-to-know basis only, and trust should not be given quickly. Most people want something out of you, and they need to show themselves worthy or deserving of aid before it can be given. She’s pretty sure most things are a trap.

What words don’t solve, violence probably will. Especially since saying things tends to get them in even more trouble than they had already been. Better to hope for a quick resolution by killing or cowing whoever is making trouble for the group.

Semiliterate at best – she can read basic words and simple correspondence, but not quickly or particularly well. Thanks to Tethys’ help, she is becoming much better, and has been brushing up on her Elvish. She’ll probably try to use that for some dire purpose at some point, and the party will regret leaving her alone with elves.

Notable Quotes:
“Where’s my Clawfoot?”

“Kick him in the shins!”


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