Shifter Warden from the Eldeen Reaches


Brook is young and naive, inexperienced in the ways of the ‘civilized’ world, and only passingly familiar with the various peoples of Khorvaire, let alone the other continents. A young longtooth shifter, she is both inquisitive and friendly, excited and somewhat nervous about her first journey outside the Eldeen Reaches. Taught from an early age to respect and defend the natural world, she is fascinated by the depravity to which the urbanized peoples of the Five Nations have sunk, but is equally fascinated by the beauty and complexity of what such people have built. She is deeply suspicious of the arcane wonders of Aundair though (and of Aundairans in general), and regards such magics as the province of the Eladrin rather than humans.



Brook hails from the plains and scattered forests on the border of the Towering Wood, near the
Mosswood and Wolfwood. Three months ago, Brook’s father Fen, a prominent tribal druid and friend of the Wardens of the Wood, was called upon to undertake a mission for the Wardens, the details of which were kept secret. Anticipating a return within a month, Fen bade farewell to the tribe and his daughter. When he did not return, Brook, unwilling to let matters rest and increasingly worried that the trail would run cold, ventured out into the world to find him.

After making her way to Aundair, Brook met an agent of Lady Nacole ir’Ryliss, who promised to help Brook find her father if she came on an expedition the noble was planning.

The Expedition

Brook manifested the Mark of Finding after the recovery of the Artifact, and helped transport the unconscious Arjhan back to the airships after the demon and Emerald Claw attacks.

Following the crash, Brook washed up on the shores of the Whisper Wood, along with five others. While attempting to reach civilization, she and the rest of her party stumbled upon thw Whisper Rock, where each of the group was unable to decipher one unsettling whisper. Brook was able to make out “home is in danger.” As a result, Brook parted with her companions in the village of Askelios, opting to return to the Eldeen Reaches to make sense of the warning, though she promised to try and stay in contact with her friends.

Dragonmark: Mark of Finding

Notable Quotes:
“Daddy always said I should make new friends!”


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