Darin ir'Riclamin

Human Exile from Cyre



Darin was a younger son of House Riclamin, a noble house of Cyre with holdings near Metrol. His family can trace their lineage all the way back to King Galifar himself, a fact that his proud parents never let him forget. In his childhood, he received instruction in everything from swordsmanship to statecraft from the finest tutors available to a Cyran noble.

When he was 17, he, as was befitting a young aristocrat, joined the Cyre’s Officer Corps. Just one year later, he found himself part of a small force dispatched to bypass the Brelish forces fighting in the battle of Saerun Road and launch a series of raids into Brelish territory in an attempt to force a withdrawal. As such, Darin was only a few miles from the Cyran border on the Day of Mourning, and he and the soldiers with him witnessed its effects firsthand.

Though his home and family were gone, Darin was adamant that they not be forgotten. He searced for years for a way to enter Metrol and retrieve a number of family heirlooms from the Riclamin estate, finally finding the way through a position Ikar’s Salvage

Current Whereabouts

Darin is now journeying with members of Nacole ir’Ryliss’ Frostfell Expedition, seeing helping them as a way find some kind of purpose in his life once again. He spearheaded the theft of the Golden Dragon, now the Vengeance of Siberys and founded the Heirs of the Dragon Between, of which he serves as the commanding officer.

Darin ir'Riclamin

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