Hobgoblin Veteran from Darguun



A Ghaal’dar hobgoblin of the Rhukaan Taash tribe, Daruush is an aging veteran of countless battles. He served as a mercenary for Cyre, fought alongside the rest of his people in their fight for independence, and has worked as muscle for expeditions to the furthest reaches of Khorvaire and beyond. Due to his well-earned reputation as a dependable and experienced adventurer, he was approached to join Lady ir"Ryliss’ expedition, an offer he accepted

The Expedition

From the start, Daruush was uneasy about the job, as it was unheard of for a patron of Lady ir’Ryliss’ stature to accompany the adventuring team, particularity to a somewhere as inhospitable as the Frostfell. Nevertheless, he carried out his duties without complaint. He manifested the Mark of Healing when the Artifact was recovered, though he was unable to use his Mark’s powers to help Arjhan.

Following the crash, Daruush washed ashore with a few others of the party, where he argued for finding the quickest route back to civilization. When the team began to splinter regarding the security of the Artifact, Daruush sided with Lady ir’Ryliss, as that was what he had signed on to do, though he was quick to step down (and encouraged ir’Ryliss to do the same) when it became clear the Silver Flame would take possession.

After the Expedition

Afterward, he bade farewell to his companions and began the journey back to Darguun. Unfortunately, he found he had been blacklisted by the Aurem, and jobs dried up. The Heirs of the Dragon Between later encountered him in Skullreave, where they warned him he was marked for death and urged him to stay with them for his own safety. Begrudgiunly, Daruush accepted.


Unfortunately, the Heirs efforts were not enough. On the night of 14 Therendor, Darrush, disguised as Melchizedek, and Bree left the Vengeance of Siberys on the airskiff, while Melchizedek disguised himself as Daruush in the hope that the Hunter would attack him rather than the intended target. However, The Hunter saw through the ruse somehow, and, under cover of a House Deneith attack, found and killed Daruush in spite of bree’s attemtps to stop him.

Dragonmark: Mark of Healing

Notable Quotes:
“I’m getting too old for this shit!”


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