Dolph ir'Aeolus

Human Student from Breland


Level 8 Artificer.

Ability Scores: STR 10; CON 14; DEX 12; INT 20; WIS 14; CHA 11

Defenses: AC 22; FORT 20; REF 22; WILL 20

Max HP 61

Weapon/implement: knife
Armor: leather armor of shared suffering

Ritual Caster
Forceful Defense
Potent Restorables
Mark of Detection
Skill Train-Athletics
Accurate Magic Weapon
Master Mixer


Personal Info

Age 24, male, 5’8", 160, black hair, brown eyes, bearded. Hometown Wroat.


Trent ir’Aeolus
Father, age 54. While not a very well-loved member of Brelish politics, Trent’s iron-clad beliefs in what is fair and just have kept him respected by his peers, helping him become one of the most trusted members of the Upper House. Of medium height, still black-haired, with a quiet strength about him, Trent never smiles outside the company of his most trusted family and friends, and seldom smiles even around them. Many people have commented on the striking physical similarities between Dolph and Trent; enough so that Dolph grew a beard shortly before leaving university to help differentiate between the two.

Threnody ir’Aeolus
Mother, nee Fanchon, age 50. Threnody is a loving wife and mother to her three children, of whom Dolph is the middle child. At one time, she pursued some study of magic, but moved on to other duties, such as helping maintain her husband’s relationship with his constituents, and taking the main duties in raising the children. Short, brunette now slowly going gray, and quite graceful in her aging. Her interest in practical magic is what first encouraged Dolph to consider studying to become an artificer.

Rouglas ir’Aeolus
Brother, age 28. Rouglas, as the eldest, has always seen it as his duty to maintain his family’s honor. He serves in the Brelish military with honor beginning his time in the military 6 years before the Day of Mourning, and currently is a mid-level commander at a Brelish outpost on the border with Aundair. A believer in the philosophy of “work hard, play hard,” Rouglas was always the most outgoing of the Aeolus children, often getting into fights but maintaining friendships with everyone in school and being known as the life of the party. Of medium height and build, brown hair taking after his mother. His temper is prone to appear at the oddest moments; attempts to temper it down have led him to drink, though never in such excess as to prevent him from the full and complete execution of his duties as a soldier. Despite often teasing his brother about his chosen life path, Rouglas has made it abundantly clear that he loves his brother. He occasionally visits Dolph in Fairhaven, often encouraging Dolph to live a little more than he does (usually while the two close down a nearby pub).

Wynne ir’Aeolus
Sister, age 18. A raven-haired beauty regarded as the brightest star of the children. Most popular among her classmates, she is the most liked of the three Aeolus children, though Rouglas proves a close second. Growing up, her favorite pastime was teasing Dolph on his love of study and books, rather than enjoying the ‘sweeter’ things in life. She is quickly learning the craft of politics, and will likely be a formidable politician herself in the future. Unfortunately, her talents in politics have never helped her in communicating with the younger of her two brothers, so while she does love Dolph, she’s never been able to show it in a way that Dolph has understood; he’s always interpreted it as her trying to put him down for his nerd-hood, putting him even more into his shell than he normally would be as a middle child. Tethys’ apparent attitude towards Dolph’s failures has generally reinforced Dolph’s response to this, putting him even more into his shell around women than an introverted guy would normally be.

Personal Background

From a young age, Dolph preferred things indoors: reading and helping around the house. While taking after his father in demeanor, he took after his mother in interests; her interest in magic was what first led him to considering magic as a career. A top-notch student, he developed a few close friends growing up, and was fairly amiable with classmates at school, though quiet. Since moving to Fairhaven, Dolph has come out of his shell a bit more; finding some enjoyment in visiting the taverns after work with some of his fellow students.

Dolph also has a great deal of interest in politics; his family’s home life is built around it. This interest was nursed by familiarity with (and a teenage crush on) one of the King’s grand-daughters, Amfemys. Despite his general introversion toward women, his crush has nursed itself steadily throughout the years, though he’s practical enough to know likely nothing will come of it (as she barely knows him).

His political interests have also led him to the democracy-v.-monarchy debate. In this debate, he comes down as moderate; he would prefer that the majority of the Crown’s power shift to the Parliament, with Crown consent, as Boranel ages further.


Dragonmark: Mark of Detection

Notable Quotes:
“I need some f***ing knives.”

Dolph ir'Aeolus

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