Jonah of Mistmarch


Born the son of a farmer near the small Brelish village of Mistmarch, Jonah felt called to the church from a young age. His pious father encouraged his son’s passion, and when the boy was old enough, sent him off to the God’s Grace Seminary in Wroat. Unfortunately, all the passion in the world could not make Jonah any less of a poor farmer, and tuition at the seminary was high.

Instead, he became an acolyte at the Temple of Boldrei in the city, where he received instruction from the Temple’s priest. After a few years of dutiful service and study, he was officially ordained a priest of the Sovereign Host

Though he represents the Host in its entirety, Jonah has always felt closer to Boldrei, the Sovereign of Hall and Hearth, and was most troubled by rising discord and strife across Khorvaire. He left the temple and began wandering Breland, preaching unity and brotherhood, but to little avail.

It was while preaching at Sterngate that he was found by Balothron Shieldbrow and Melchizedek of the Heirs of the Dragon Between, who invited him to join the group, primarily to help heal the tortured psyche of the unfortunate soul they had rescued from the depths of Dreadhold. Jonah accepted and became their chaplain.

Jonah of Mistmarch

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