Lucan Samulkin

Elf Soldier


Lucan Samulkin served as a soldier in Cyre’s armies during the Last War. He served in Darin ir’Riclamin’s company when the latter was ordered to harry Brelish supply lines in early 994 YK. As a result, he found himself outside the borders of Cyre on the Day of Mourning. When others deserted in despair, Lucan remained behind as his young commander tried to mount an organized rescue, for which the nobleman was grateful.

Five years later, Darin offered Lucan a position in the mercenary orgainization he was forming, and the elf took the offer. He served briefly as a Man-at-arms for the Heirs of the Dragon Between before being slain in an attack by House Deneith.

Lucan Samulkin

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