Manten Dramgrin

Dwarf Artificer


Manten Dramgrin began his career in House Cannith’s Fabricators Guild, though he eventually grew restless knowing he toiled in a workshop while war raged across Khorvaire. He quit and signed on as a mercenary for House Tharashk, serving in a company with a promising dragonborn named Balothron Shieldbrow.

Life on the frontlines saw the loss of his left leg in battle, though he refused to let that keep him down. He constructed a replacement and was soon back in the fight. On the Day of Mourning, he sided with Balothron over their commander when the former proposed a cease fire. Years later, Balothron would remember the loyal, tenacious dwarf and offer him a post in the Heirs of the Dragon Between, which Dramgrin happily accepted. While the Heirs of the Dragon Between were visiting the Chamber, he was killed and eaten by gargoyles.

Manten Dramgrin

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