Meriele Allriane


Originally from Thronehold, Meriele took to conning rich nobles and dragonmarked heirs to indulge her many expensive habits (shopping, dinner at exclusive resturants, etc.)and somewhat implusive lifestyle.

She first came to the attention of Paldrith d’Aldress when she was fired from her job as an airskiff pilot in Sharn for one too many instances of reckless flying. It was at that point that it was discovered she had forged all of her credentials for the job, which she had seemingly procured solely for the opportunity to fly an airskiff recklessly.

So, when Paldrith began planning the heist of the Golden Dragon with Darin ir’Riclamin, Meriele seemed like a natural choice for the operation. She accepted, on the condition that her friend, Minstrelthebard (whose eccentricities she adores), also be brought in.

Meriele Allriane

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