Warforged Trooper


Minstrelthebard, like the rest of his people, was created and trained for a singular purpose: war. When the Last War ended and his kind were made free, Minstrelthebard, not content to wait idly for someone to give him a new purpose, sought to find his own. Enthralled by the great epics and ballads of the past, he soon decided that he wished to join the ranks of the renowned bards and poets of the ages.

And while some found his new ambition odd, he was always quick to remind them that he was a free Warforged, and that he could do as he wished.

To that end, he began taking lessons and observing other singers and bards to learn their craft. It was during this time that he made the acquaintance of Meriele Allriane, a half-elf con artist in Sharn. Meriele was touched by Minstrelthebard’s enthuisasm for his unusual passion, and the two became friends. When Meriele was brought on board for the Golden Dragon heist, she recommended Minstrelthebard when the rest of the crew realized they needed another heavy lifter.

Following the heist, Minstrelthebard officially joined the Heirs of the Dragon Between


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