Nacole ir'Ryliss

Half-elven Noble from Aundair



Nacole is the head of the wealthy and influential Ryliss family in Aundair. Her high position in society has eanred her membership in the Aurem, where she has aquired an interest in the relics of the past. Over the last few years, she has funded a number of expeditions to the furthest reaches of Khorvaire and Xen’Drik. Some months ago, she acquired knowledge of a mysterious artifact buired in Frostfell from the Changeling explorer Zam, and immediately set to work organizing an expedition to retrieve it. To this end, she chartered two airships and hired a number of mercenaries, scholars, and explorers to ensure the venture’s success

The Expedition

Lady ir’Ryliss was present when the Artifact was recovered, where she manifested the Mark of Making. The Artifact in her possession, she was among those advocating for a swift return to Fairhaven.

Following the crash, she retained possession of the artifact, and promised those members of the team still with her a hefty reward, to make up for the last dragonshards, if they would see her and the Artifact safely to Fairhaven, where her own security would take over. However, in Thaliost, Sir Vulgrim, unwilling to trust an object of such obvious power to a single person, contacted other Knights Militant of the Silver Flame and confronted her. Facing such a situation, Lady ir’Ryliss was persuaded to turn over the Artifact, though not without pledging to turn the resources of the Aurem towards securing its return.


Lady ir’Ryliss was warned of the upcoming attempt on her life by Arjhan Da’Seka Flamebrow and, by all accounts, took the threat seriously. She spent a fortune warding her Aundairan estate and hiring bodyguards from house Deneith and House Medani. On the 14th of Eyre, however, all her preperations proved useless. Her bodyguards and entire household staff were slaughtered, her advanced wards dispelled, seemingly with little or no effort, and Nacole ir’Ryliss was murdered.

Dragonmark: Mark of Making

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Nacole ir'Ryliss

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