Paldrith d'Aldress

Airship Captain


Paldrith d’Aldress (formerly Lyrandar) is the elder brother of Alistair Aldress d’Lyrandar, the airship captain who sacrificed himself to protect the members of the Frostfell Expedition. Paldrith was always the more successful, hard working, and professional of the two, and for much of his career tried to distance himself from the embarrassments his brother caused.

That all changed when he received word of his brother’s death. Paldrith, who had always put his career before everything else, felt it was his duty to give whatever aid he could to the survivors of the expedition, to ensure his brother’s last act was not in vain. In light of his house’s support of the Aurem following the team’s arrest, he resigned his commission after disobeying orders and hiring an advocate for them.

Later, he met up with Karmuk and Darin ir’Riclamin, and with them plotted the theft of the Golden Dragon.

Afterward, when the ship was renamed Vengeance of Siberys and converted into the mbile headquarters of the heirs of the Dragon Between, he stayed on as the ship’s captain.

Paldrith d'Aldress

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