Visage of the Cabinet of Faces


Not much is known about the Changeling Ret, save that he is one of the Visages of the Cabinet of Faces, making him one of the highest ranking members of the cabal, and that he is the Cabinet’s authority on The Chamber. Some months ago, he, in the identity of “Telgin Char,” was arrested and thrown into Dreadhold. The Cabinet, unable to leave one of their most useful assets in prison, informed the Heirs of the Dragon Between that Ret had the knowledge of The Chamber that they were seeking, prompting that group to stage a break-out.

For a brief time, Ret stayed aboard the Vengeance of Siberys, sharing some of what he knew and learning what he could. He left the group in Breland, but not before warning them that “the only way out [of the Cabinet of Faces] is death”; his masters would surely try to make use of them again.


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