Sir Vulgrim

Half-orc Paladin from Thrane



While he was born in the swamps of the Shadow Marches, as far as Vulgrim is concerned, he is from Flamekeep in Thrane. He left the region of his birth at a young age, determined to be more than than some dumb yokel from a backwater village in the ass end of Khorvaire. At some point during his travels, he encountered the Faith of his Silver Flame, and through them he found the purpose he had been looking for, though he has been reluctant to share the specifics of that encounter. He traveled to Flamekeep, becoming a Paladin of the Knights Militant after several years of intense study and training. He served in Thrane’s armies during the closing years of the war, and since the Treaty of Thronehold he, like others of his order, has begun wandering Khorvaire rooting out evil wherever he finds it. He was contacted by a representative of Lady ir’Ryliss about joining her upcoming expedition, and, feeling that the knowledge and wealth he obtained would be beneficial to the Church, signed on.

The Expedtion

The revelation that the ruins they were exploring were Demonic in origin unsettled Vulgrim, as he did not feel the party was properly equipped to handle whatever they might find. He argued, unsuccessfully, for turning back, but did not balk from continuing on with the others. He received the Mark of Warding when the Artifact was recovered, and in the events that followed carried the unconscious Arjhan back to the ships, where, after a brief hesitation, he supported crossing the Demon Wastes.

During the voyage, uncertainty gnawed at him, and he eventually approached Adrik with his concerns that what they had found was too dangerous to be entrusted to a single person, and he convinced Adrik to help him deliver the Artifact to the Church, where he believed the Artifact would be safe.

Before this plan could be carried out, the airships came under attack and crashed in the Eldeen Bay. Vulgrim washed up on shore, where he and five others began their journey to Thaliost. There, they were reunited with the other survivors, and with the aid of other knights in the city, Vulgrim was able to recover the Artifact and put it in the hands of the Church of the Silver Flame.

After the Expedition

Taking leave of his former comrades, Vulgrim returned to Flamekeep with the Artifact.

Dragonmark: Mark of Warding

Notable Quotes:
“I need a drink.”

Sir Vulgrim

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