Tethys Alandrel

Human Sailor from the Lhaazar Principalities



Ability Scores
STR – 15
CON – 13
DEX – 12
INT – 19
WIS – 10
CHA – 11


6 Squares

Passive Insight

Passive Perception


AC – 21

  • 10 + lvl/2 → 12
  • Armor + ABIL → 6
  • Class → 3

FORT – 15

  • 10 + lvl/2 → 12
  • ABIL → 2
  • RACE → 1

REF – 17

  • 10 + lvl/2 → 12
  • ABIL → 4
  • RACE → 1

WILL – 15

  • 10 + lvl/2 → 12
  • CLASS → 2
  • RACE → 1

Hit Points
MAX HP – 46
Bloodied – 23
Surge Value – 11
Surges/Day – 9


ATK Bonus (Normal) – +10

  • LVL/2 → 2
  • ABIL → 4
  • PROF → 3
  • ENH → 1

ATK Bonus (Escalating Assault, Risky Aegis, and Reckless Weapon) – Up to +16

  • Same as above. Read feats and Reckless Weapon for details.

Damage Bonus (Normal) – 1d8 + 6

  • ABIL → 4
  • ENH → 1
  • Feat → 1

Damage Bonus (If fire based and Risky Aegis) – 1d8 + 8

  • Same as above, +1 for being infused with a dragon shard. See Feats for details.

Trained Skills

Arcana – 11
Athletics – 9
Diplomacy – 7
Endurance – 8
Thievery – 8

Class Features

Swordmage Aegis of Assault
At-Will, Minor Action, Close burst 2
Target: One Creature in Burst
Effect: Marked target remains marked until power is used against another target (unless other targets are marked using other powers). Any given creature can only have one mark, new one superseding old.
If mark makes an attack that does not include you, it gets -2 to attack rolls and, if it hits and is within 10 squares of you, you get to immediately teleport to a space adjacent to target and make a melee basic attack. If no adjacent square exists you’re SOL.

Has only been useful once in the history of ever.
Create bond with sword – requires 1 hour meditation. Can be used on more than one weapon but the old bond will dissipate.
You can call your sword to your hand from 10 squares away.
If the bonded weapon is broken or damaged, you can spend 1 hour meditating and recreate it from a fragment. All other fragments will be destroyed (can’t make multiple copies of same weapon).

Swordmage Warding
While conscious and wielding light/heavy blade, you get a +1 bonus to AC, or +3 if wielding blade in one hand. Other hand must be free.


  1. Weapons Focus
  2. Escalating Assault – Every time you successfully teleport and land an attack, you get a +1 to ATK when using that power. Max +3.
  3. Intelligent Blademaster – Can use INT instead of STR when making basic attack rolls.
  4. Risky Aegis – When you use the immediate action effect of Aegis of Assault, target gets combat advantage against you until end of its next turn, but you get +2 bonus to ATK and DMG rolls.


Booming Blade
At-Will, Arcane/Thunder Melee Weapon
Standard Action, Target: 1 Creature
HIT: 1[W] + INT MOD, if target is next to me at start of my turn and moves away, it takes 1d6 + CON MOD thunder damage.

Greenflame Blade
At-Will, Arcane/Fire Melee Weapon
Standard Action, Target: 1 Creature
HIT: 1[W] + INT MOD fire DMG, AND deals STR MOD fire DMG to all enemies adjacent to target.

Sword Burst
At-Will, Arcane/Force Close Burst 1
Standard Action, Target: Each ENEMY in burst
HIT: 1d6 + INT MOD force DMG

Flame Cyclone
Encounter, Arcane/Fire Implement, Close Blast 3
Standard Action, Target: Each CREATURE in blast
HIT: 1d8 + INT MOD + STR MOD fire DMG

Dimensional Warp
Encounter, Arcane/Teleport, Close Burst 3
Minor Action, Target: You + 1 Ally in burst OR TWO ALLIES in burst
Effect: Each target teleports into the other’s space. Both targets must be able to occupy same space or power fails.

Dual Lightning Strike
Encounter, Arcane/Teleport/Lightning Melee Weapon
Standard Action, Target: One Creature
Primary ATK: INT vs. AC
HIT: 1[W] + INT MOD lightning DMG and target is marked until end of my next turn.

  • Effect: I teleport 4 + STR MOD squares and make secondary ATK. New target must not be earlier target.
  • ATK: INT vs. AC
  • HIT: 1[W] + INT MOD lightning DMG and target is marked until end of my next turn.

Burning Blade
Daily, Arcane/Fire Melee Weapon
Standard Action, Target Unspecified
ATK: 2[W] + INT MOD fire DMG
Effect: UNtil end of encounter, all melee attacks deal extra STR MOD fire damage.


Leather Armor
Rapier, Reckless Weapon and Dragon Shard Infusion


Still Under Construction, bear with my here

Personal Stats

Age: 20
Height: 5’10
Weight: 140
Hair: Medium length, red orange, many locks are tied in tight braids and interwoven with beads and feathers.
Eye Color: Green
Hometown: Regalport

Family Members

Petril Alandrel
Brother, age 17. A somewhat serious young man, he works as a deckhand and fighter for one of the ships in Prince Rygar’s fleet. Still a bit bitter that Tethys went to school so incredibly far away from home, he visits his mother as often as he can spare.

Vyse Alandrel
Father, Captain of the Alandrel family ship – The Albatross. Somewhat well-known in Regalport for fathering his own crew of vigilant pirates, he and his family sailed the seas of the Lhazaar Principalities together, fishing, exploring, and occasionally pillaging where pillaging is due. Upon being drafted into the military, he left the care of the ship to his oldest son, Dyne. He brought his own sword with him into the military, fought well, and was the last of the Alandrels to die at war. When he finally succumbed to the tides of battle, his sword was sent home, which Tethys now fights with.

Meredy Alandrel
Mother, age 56. She was a strong sailor/vigilante pirate before the war, now she co-owns and operates a small mercantile business. Since Petril left to join the military, she’s also been volunteering at various orphanages and soup kitchens around Regalport. She’s (not so secretly) hoping that Tethys and Petril will get married someday soon and bring her lots of grandchildren. Meredy was slain in a gnoll attack on Regalport

Dyne is the oldest and most responsible of the Alandrel siblings. He was Vyse’s and Meredy’s “oops” baby and, as such, he and Matias are the only two siblings with a large age gap between them. Despite being so much older than the rest of his siblings, Dyne was the kindest and most compassionate of the family, comforting everyone when war finally came to their own doorstep. He, like his father, was also a seasoned warrior and was the last of the brothers to die at war.

The second oldest of the family, he had a very one-sided competition with Dyne throughout most of their childhood together. Although he was a bit hot-headed when it came to his temperament, he was also extremely passionate and lived for the moment, a character trait he mentored in Tethys. In the interim period between Dyne’s recruitment and his own, he stepped up and tried to keep the family together as much as possible. He served well in the war, up until he began getting notices of his younger brothers’ deaths and, upon getting notification of Dyne’s own, he vanished from the service. The military archives in Regalport officially have him down as being AWOL and, presumably, a POW.

The most bookish of the children, Vaneiros was always more interested in his studies than the more physical aspects of living on a ship with his family. Since he was also a arcane magic user, he spent much time tutoring Tethys before between chores and after meals. Although quite honorable and intelligent, Vaneiros wasn’t the strongest of people, and was the first of the brothers to die at war. Dolph reminds Tethys a lot of Vaneiros, which makes her feel extremely conflicted at times, especially when he’s gotten himself into trouble.

The Twins, Galcian and Daigo
Very much a pair of troublemakers, Galcian and Daigo spent much of their time pulling pranks on various members of the family, particularly Vaneiros and Matias. Despite their troublesome attitudes, they were extremely reliable in a pinch and could talk their way out of most situations. They worked on the same ship during the war, the crew of which was captured, tortured, only to return much later to their commanders as a collection of heads in a burlap sack.


Mark of Hospitality

Notable Quotes:
“Green Flame Blade, Go!”

Tethys Alandrel

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