The Hunter


The Hunter is a mysterious Rakshasa currently hunting the Dragonmarked members of Lady ir’Ryliss’ Frostfell Expedition. It is thought he is one of the Lords of Dust or one of their Exarchs, and that his vendetta is part of a plot to free one of the Overlords of the Age of Demons from its prison.

Beyond that, not much about him or his plan is known, though he has intimated that he has met many of the Heirs before, and he appears to be familiar with the draconic prophecy the expedition discovered in the Frostfell, telling Dolph ir’Aeolus in a vison that he was “The Key.”

Furthermore, it seems that while the murder of the Dragonmarked members of the expediotn is preferable for his plans, it is not essential, given his words to Dolph after his failure to kill Adrik Sornath.


The Hunter was actually Zam, the Changeling treasure hunter who gave Lady ir’Ryliss the location of the Artifact. It is thought that the aberrant Dragonmark he received in the Frostfell may be the source of his ability to track and kill his prey


-Varis Immiar, Mark of Storm, 14 Zarantyr 999 YK
-Unknown, Mark of Sentinel, 15 Olarune 999 YK
-Daruush, Mark of Healing, 14 Therendor 999 YK
-Nacole ir’Ryliss, Mark of Making, 14 Eyre 999 YK
-Unkown, Mark of Handling, 15 Dravgo 999 YK
-Unknown, Mark of Hospitality, 15 Nymm 999 YK

The Hunter

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