Torra Alston

Gnome Scholar from Zilargo



As required of all gnomes in the city of Korranberg, Torra devoted four years of service to the Library in exchange for a free education. When her service was finished however, she, enamored with the histories of vanished civilizations, stayed on and joined the Soladas College of History. Now, decades later, she is recognized as one of Khorvaire’s leading historians, as well as one of the few mortals to take an interest in studying the Draconic Prophecy from a purely academic perspective. She rarely left the Library, relying on various treasure hunters and adventurers to do the field work. As such, she was surprised when an agent of Lady ir’Ryliss approached her with an offer to join the noble’s expedition, though the uniqueness and potential value of the find were enticing enough that she quickly accepted.

The Expedition

During the exploration of the Demonic ruins, Torra spent hours recording what she and the rest of the team found, and her knowledge was of great help to her companions. When the Artifact was recovered, Torra manifested the Mark of Shadow, the abilities of which she put to great use during the many battles in which she later found herself. She was able to diagnose Arjhan’s illness, and served as one of his caregivers during the return voyage, until the destruction of the airships.

In the crash, Torra lost all of her copious notes on the ruins and the Artifact Chamber, and was only able to recover one strange book from the wreckage. She spent much of the journey to Stormhome in a state of shock, though she did provide some aid in the Bloodsail attack. She did not fully recover form the loss of her research until she learned that Arjhan could translate the book she had managed to recover

Current Whereabouts

Following the Silver Flame’s seizure of the Artifact, Torra decided the life of an adventurer did not suit her, and she returned to the Library of Korranberg, informing the others that she could be reached there. She eventually reunited with Melchizedek when he came to the city, with him traveled on to Sharn to escape the Trust. She remained there when the others left for Droaam to continue her research, though she later rejoined them aboard the Vengeance of Siberys

Dragonmark: Mark of Shadow

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Torra Alston

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