Varis Immiar

Elven Warrior from Valenar



Varis is the youngest of six siblings, all of whom share the same Patron Ancestor, as decreed by the Valaes Tairn’s Keepers of the Past. Constantly overshadowed by his siblings, Varis resolved to leave Valenar and the Valaes Tairn entirely. He spent a decade wandering Khorvaire, inserting himself into whatever conflict he could find, and lacking any of those, whatever he could create. Eventually, he came to the attention of Lady Nacole ir’Ryliss, who recruited him for an expedition she was mounting to the Frostfell.

The Expedition

From the beginning, Varis was one of the more enthusiastic members of the team, fighting wolves, yetis, elementals, and even demons with glee. He manifested the Mark of Storm in the Artifact Chamber, appropriate for one of his temperament, and used his newfound abilities to attempt to pilot the Fortune Hunter following the deaths of both captains, though he was unable to keep the damaged vessel from crashing.

He and Melchizedek were able to use the powers to craft a crude vessel and make their way to Thaliost, commandeering a Bloodsail vessel along the way after it became apparent the crew were under orders to kill them. In Thaliost, they were reunited with their companions, and the Artifact was given to the Church of the Silver Flame.

After the Expedition

Varis continued traveling with the party, helping them out of many tight spots with his customary lack of subtlety.


During the night of 14 Zarantyr 999 YK, Varis was attacked and killed by an unknown assailant. Around the time of his death, a massive storm began. When his comanions found him, his double-bladed scimitar was broken and melted, and his dragonmark had been charred black. When his friends attempted to move his body, it, having been burned from the inside, dissolved into ash.

Though the Heirs of the DRagon Between were not officially founded until after his death, Varis is still considered a member of the organization, and the group’s airskiff was named Glory of the Ancestors in his honor.

Dragonmark: Mark of Storm

Notable Quotes:
“(inarticulate screaming)”

Varis Immiar

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