Volog Storm-Peak

Goliath Shipwright


Born high in the Shadowcrags, Volog joined a Tharashk expedition as a guide through the mountains, accompanying them back through the Demon Wastes to Blood Crescent. Fascinated by the sea, largely unknown to his people, he bartered for passage to Sharn, where he began work as a carpenter building warships for the Brelish Navy.

When the war ended, Volog began work as an “underground” shipwright; smugglers and pirates would come to him for repairs, no questions asked. In this way, he became acquainted with the kobold Karmuk, who later brought him in on the plan to seize the Golden Dragon. Volog, thrilled at the chance to work on an airship, accepted, and he then served as the shipwright for the Heirs of the Dragon Between, overseeing the repair and renovation of their airship. While the Heirs of the Dragon Between were visiting the Chamber, he was killed and eaten by gargoyles.

Volog Storm-Peak

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