Human Warlock


Sometime before 20 Olarune 999 YK, Xanthis began work on an arcane project, of his own volition or on behalf of others, that eventually resulted in the Mourning.

Five years later, Dolph ir’Aeolus discovered hsi role in that catastrophe, and Xanthis resolved to track the artificer down and determine just what he knew. To that end, he approached Darin ir’Riclamin, and, as he was a skilled arcanist, was given a role in the Golden Dragon heist.

When Dolph boarded the airship, he met with Xanthis in the Elemental Chamber, where he divulged a numbner of details regarding the Artifact and the results of its retrieval. Xanthis asked the artificer how far he was willing to go to save the world, to which Dolph relpied he would be willing to die. Xanthis agreed and promptly released the bound fire elemental in the room. The resulting explosion nearly killed Dolph, and no trace of the warlock was found.

His current whereabouts are unknown.


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