The Mark of Prophecy

Entry 5

From the journal of Arjhan Da’Seka Flamebrow…

28 Rhaan 998 YK

To find Emerald Claw Agents waiting for us at the dock was beyond terrifying. If not for the miraculous reappearance and intervention (praise Olladra!) of 5 of our missing comrades, we surely would have perished. Another debt I owe my comrades. I don’t know how they knew we were coming, but any worry I feel is insignificant next to the joy in my heart at learning of the survival those I had thought dead.

But that riot afterwards! I had no idea tensions were so high outside of Q’barra! How did it get started so quickly? Are these things common in this part of Khorvaire? That we all made it back to our friends safe-house was another miracle.

Alas, though, there our happy reunion was cut short. I revealed what I had learned in the book, and divisions formed. Sir Vulgrim insisted that the Artifact could not be left in Lady ir’Ryliss’ keeping, and Adrik and I agreed with him. Others may have as well, but I believe Vulgrim’s insistence on delivering it to his church may given them pause, particularly Dolph. From my own experiences with the Silver Flame, I have found them to be srigid and unyielding, yes, but also honorable and vigilant. I believe it will be safe with them, but I understand the others hesitation. Bree and Daruush were adamant that Lady ir’Ryliss and the Artifact both be delivered safely to Fairhaven, as they had promised they would do. The others were less committal. Tethys made it clear she wants nothing more to do with the Artifact, and Melchizedek just wants to get paid. In the end, Sir Vulgrim called upon other Knights Militant in the city to claim the Artifact. Faced with those odds, Lady ir’Ryliss relented, and the Church of the Flame is now in possession of the Artifact.

From the journal of Arjhan Da’Seka Flamebrow From the log of Daruush, soldier of the Rhukaan Taash…
25 Rhaan 998 YK 27 Rhaan 998 YK
The others have filled me in the events of the last two weeks while we wait in Stormhome. I am grateful for the lengths to which they have gone to save my life by getting me to the House Jorasco medics here, but there is a part of me that wishes that they had let me die rather than risk the Demon Wastes. So many dead on my account… Still, I am alive, and I will not forget the debt I owe to my comrades, both those still living and those gone. At the very least, I have been of some use; while Lady ir’Ryliss has worked to find passage off the island, our own vessel having been impounded upon our “illegal” arrival, I have begun working to translate the book Torra found in the wreckage. I cannot explain, but it seems my Mark of Scribing has granted be a comprehension of the Abyssal tongue. It is slow going; much of the tome has been badly damaged by fire and water, but what I have deciphered is troubling; I am not certain we can trust Lady ir’Ryliss with the Artifact We depart on a ship bound for Thaliost tomorrow; the voyage should give me ample time, both to continue my work, and to figure out how best to proceed. I don’t normally trust in fortune. The moment things seem to be going your way is usually the exact moment everything falls apart. But what we have learned since arriving in Thaliost this morning is promising. It appears Brook may have been at least partially right. Some more of our comrades may have survived the attacks on the airships. I wish she’d found out about this before she headed back to the Reaches. It would have given her some relief. Tethys and Dolph tailed some Emerald Claw agents they uncovered back to their safe-house. The rest of us caught up to them and subdued the agents. Under interrogation, they revealed that a ship will be arriving at the docks tomorrow with passengers matching the descriptions of some of our missing company. It probably isn’t them, but even so, if the Emerald Claw wants these people, I want them too. We’ll stay at their safe-house tonight. Can’t risk anyone coming by and finding their agents dead. Someone comes looking for them, we kill them, too. In the morning, we’ll disguise ourselves and head to the rendezvous. Take the bastards by surprise if it does turn out to be our friends
Entry 4
From Nacole ir’Ryliss’ personal records… From the diary of Brook
16 Rhaan 998 YK 20 Rhaan 998 YK
Those treacherous Bloodsail snakes tried to kill us last night! Well, my new bodyguards certainly proved their value by thwarting the attempt. We learned that the assassins were apparently under orders from some abector of the Blood of Vol, but I remain uneasy. Did they know about the Artifact, as well? For the moment, however, fortune is with us. We have taken control of the ship and are on our way to Stormhome, where I will hopefully be able to arrange passage back to Fairhaven. Until then, I must not let the Artifact out of my sight! It’s too valuable. It’s not fair! Things just keep getting worse! We made it to some village called Askelios, and I don’t know what to do next! At that stupid rock we passed a few days ago, we all heard voices, and the one I heard told me Home was in danger. First Daddy goes missing, then my new friends, and now this! What do I do now? What would daddy do? The others want to find passage east, to some city called Thaliost, and from there make their way to Stormhome. Do I stay with them, do I keep looking for Daddy, or do I go home to help them with whatever danger is coming?
14 Rhaan 998 YK 13 Rhaan 998 YK
Thankfully, I still have the artifact. Without that, this whole venture would have been a disaster. Even still, it could still end that way. Most of the expedition, including the Blademarks and my bodyguards, are dead. Of the five left, one is unconscious, likely to die, and another does nothing but mutter to herself. Thankfully, we have been pulled from the sea by a Bloodsail Principality vessel, whom I have offered a substantial reward if they can get us to a port. I’ve promised a substantial reward to the three remaining members if they see me safely to Fairhaven Oh, this is awful! We found Tethys floating in the bay this afternoon, but none of the others have washed ashore since the day of the crash. So now its just me, that sourpuss Daruush , Sir Vulgrim, Adrik, Dolph, and Tethys. I keep asking myself, “What would Daddy do?” I think he would want to stay and keep looking for his friends, but Daruush told that would be a stupid idea (he’s stupid), and that it’s time to accep the fact that if we haven’t found them yet, they’re dead. I don’t think the others liked that, but they agreed, so we’re going to begin the journey inland to try and find a village. Well, I don’t care what Daruush says. The others are alive! They just have to be!
Entry 3

From the notes of Torra Alston, Soladas College of History, Library of Korranberg…

11 Rhaan 998 YK
  • airships destroyed in simultaneous attacks by Emerald Claw and volcanic dragons
  • all notes lost; one book recovered (believe to be written in abyssal, origin unknown)
  • half-elf, halfling, elf, tiefling, dragonborn, and myself only survivors, all others presumed dead; dragonborn and halfling unconscious
  • using makeshift raft to make way to Stormhome- believed nearest settlement
10 Rhaan 998 YK
  • Emerald Claw still following
  • minimal progress made on cataloging and deciphering symbols found in temple; dragonborn requires constant attention
  • crossing Demon Wastes at nightfall
7 Rhaan 998 YK
  • recovered artifact
  • manifested dragonmark inconsistent with racial heritage (not unprecedented, though 13 individuals doing so simultaneously is: must remember to look into past occurrences)
  • experienced unsettling vision
  • Dragonborn critically injured in demon attack, requires medical attention, currently attended to by halfling, artificer, hobgoblin, and myself
  • discovered Order of the Emerald Claw tracking us by unknown means
  • traveling to Stormhome by most direct route
Entry 2

From the journal of Arjhan Da’Seka Flamebrow

6 Rhaan 998 YK

We spent the day transporting dragonshards from the temple back to our ships. Even with the holds full, we’ve barely made a dent, but what we have is still a fortune apiece. Tomorrow, we’ll continue through the archway.

5 Rhaan 998 YK

This morning, we began the process of exploring the caves, and I don’t know if it’s luck of divine favor, but the same team that found these caves uncovered a passageway to the entrance of a temple dating back to (if Torra is right) the Age of Demons! After making short work of the demons we found (guards?) we entered and found an enormous cache of Khyber dragonshards. According to Zam, knowledge alone of this find is worth a fortune to House Tharashk. We also found an archway that Torra claims is a passageway to Khyber. Vulgrim has expressed reluctance to push on, but he was overruled. I must confess, when I signed on for this expedition, I was interested primarily in the chance to observe my comrades, but now I am beginning to share their enthusiasm. I cannot wait to see what is beyond that archway!

Entry 1

From the Journal of Arjhan Da’Seka Flamebrow

4 Rhaan 998 YK

Well, after 8 days of travel, we’re finally here. A good thing too; from the sound of things, the halfling and the elf over on the Fortune Hunter were about ready to tear that ship apart. My own journey was somewhat more peaceful, though their did seem to be some animosity between the dwarf and the necromancer (racially motivated, perhaps? I’m not too familiar with Tieflings).

While the Bladmarks secured the landing sight, we split into three parties to look for any sign of what we are hear for. My group found only a pack of frost wolves, but some of the others found a crevice that showed some promise. We found a cave opening in one of the walls, and after clearing out the yetis inside, it was decided that the location was suitable for a staging area.

24 Barrakas 998 YK

I met the other members of the expedition today: a varied group to be sure. It can’t be coincidence that twelve races and all twelve nations of Khorvaire represented by the the the thirteen of us who are “official” members of the expedition, rather than support crew, but I can’t see what Lady ir’Ryliss has to gain by such a precise selection (perhaps some eccentricity of Aundairan culture? An ingrained need to be all inclusive? I’ll need to look into this in more detail later).

One member of the team, the Darguun Hobgoblin (Daruush, I believe) finds it odd that Lady ir’Ryliss is joining us in person, but I find it rather comforting; it shows a degree of confidence she has in the success of this venture. I am greatly anticipating our arrival in Frostfell. If nothing else, spending time with representatives of so many races and nations will provide valuable insight into the culture of old Galifar.


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