999 YK

998 YK


1: Party arrives in Sharn, King Boranel dies
2: Party rescues Melchizedek from Aurum
5: Party departs Sharn
10: Party arrives in Wroat
11: King Borthas orders arrest of nobles opposing his reign
13: Ruken ir’Clarn and other rebel ringleaders freed from prisoner transports, party departs Wroat
14: Varis Immiar murdered
18: Party arrives at Castle Arakain
15: Darin ir’Riclamin arrives in Sharn, meets with Karmuk and Paldrith d’Aldress
23: Party arrives in Graywall
26: Party meets with Cabinet of Faces in Lost, teleported to Flamekeep


1: Party attacks Cathedral of the Flame, steals back Artifact
2: Party departs Flamekeep
5: Golden Dragon departs Sharn
6: Party boards Lightning Rail near Daskaran
7: Golden Dragon highjacked by Darin’s team
9: Lightning Rail attacked by Blood of Vol, party rendezvous with Golden Dragon
14: Attempted murder of Adrik
15: Balothron and his men join the Heirs of the Dragon Between
21: The Heirs arrive at Regalport
24: The Heirs enter Dreadhold
25: The Heirs escape Dreadhold with both Ret and a man claiming to be King Kaius III
27: The Heirs enter Taer Lian Doresh, the Fortress of Fading Dreams


1: The Heirs escape Taer Lian Doresh
4: The Lord of Blades seizes Fort Kennrun
6: The Heirs rendezvous with Daruush in Skullreave
8: Ret takes his leave of the Heirs, Jonah of Mistmarch joins the group
14: Daruush murdered
16: Kundarak prisoners released, Arjhan departs Vengeance of Siberys
17: Vengeance of Siberys takes on cargo and begins journey to Xen’Drik


4: Vengeance of Siberys arrives in Xen’Drik, Kinharathad departs
5: Heirs begin journey upriver, accompanied by Thorn
9: Heirs arrive at site of Zam’s last Xen’Drik expedition
10: Heirs depart the site
14: Lady Nacole ir’Ryliss murdered
17: Heirs arrive in Stormreach
19: Vengeance of Siberys departs Xen’Drik


1: Heirs meet with the Chamber, Vengeance of Siberys stolen
2: Meriele, Jonah, Brant, and Minstrelthebard reunite with the Heirs
7: Contact with Arjhan established
14: Attempted abduction/murder of Bree
16: Heirs taken into Brelish custody


2: Heirs transferred to Shadowlock Keep
8: Heirs transferred to Argonth
14: Attack on Argonth, attempted murder of Tethys
16: Heirs arrive in Black Pit
18: Heirs depart Black Pit
27: Heirs infiltrate Journey’s Home, Linked Portal crisis


999 YK

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