Abyssal Journal

The Abyssal Journal is a badly damaged, ancient book recovered from the airship wreckage by Torra. Its original owner and where it came from are unknown. Currently, Arjhan is attempting to use his Mark of Scribing to comprehend the illegible text, though he has thus far deciphered only a few phrases.

Translated passages

“…Death lives…”

“…that which was reclaimed from the ice resides now in the keeping of the Caged One’s unknowing ally…”

“… One, born of the dragon, the emissary of the son of feuding fathers, seeking understanding…” (believed to apply to Arjhan himself)

“…One, from those of nowhere and everywhere , sailor of the broken waters, seeking unity…” (believed to apply to Tethys)

“…One, child of the ancient slaves, warrior of the land born anew in battle, seeking distinction…” (believed to apply to Varis)

“…One, brought forth from unyielding stone, guard of the battleground of the exiles, seeking excitement…” (believed to apply to Adrik)

“…One, scion of the warriors of Dhakaani, veteran of the realm birthed in blood and betrayal, seeking peace…” (believed to apply to Daruush)

“…One, blood of the beast, warden of the abandoned children, seeking family…” (believed to apply to Brook)

“…One, issue of two worlds, noble of the faithful brother, seeking power…” (believed to apply to Nacole)

“…One, descendant of the infernal pact, blacksmith of the Conqueror’s Fortress, seeking perspective…” (believed to apply to Melchizedek)

“…One, chosen of Balinor, scout of the ostensible realm, seeking vengeance…” believed to apply to Bree

“…One, heir to the legacy of Galifar, student of the unspoiled daughter, seeking experience…” (believed to apply to Dolph)

“…One, of the trickster fey, scholar of the idyllic facade, seeking knowledge…” (believed to applu to Torra)

The book went missing the same night Varis was murdered.

Abyssal Journal

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