Alistair's Envelope

Shortly before his death, Captain Alistair gave this envelope to Adrik, requesting that it be delivered to one Paldrith d’Lyrandar, presumably on Stormhome. The contents of the envelope are unknown.

The envelope was given to a clerk on Stormhome, who gave his assurance that Paldrith, currently operating out of Sharn, would receive it.

The clerk was true to his word, and Paldrith, Alistair’s older brother, did eventually receive it. When members of the expedition visited him in Sharn, he revealed that the envelope contained a letter, the contents of which are as follows:


As I write this, I am preparing to take my ship over the Demon Wastes. We are being followed by hostile forces, and I do not expect that I shall survive. I am sorry for the shame I have brought you, the embarrassments I caused. I only ever wanted to follow in your footsteps, to be as great a captain, as loved and respected by my crew, as you have always been. This expedition was to have been my opportunity to show that I could be that, and now it seems that it will end as so many of may endeavors have: in failure. I am writing this in the hope that it will be delivered to you by an individual with a Dragonmark not fitting with his bloodline and race, as it will mean that, in this at least, in the end, I managed some small degree of success, for it will mean that one of my passengers, at least, survived the disaster in which we now find ourselves. While that will not make up for my past failures, it is my hope that this will give you, finally, something for which you can be proud of me.


Alistair's Envelope

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