Book of Aerenal Legends and Folklore

A book sent to Melchizedek by Torra, who believes it may contain information pretaining to the Blood of Vol and the Mark of Death.

Despite being written in Draconic, the text uses the Rellanic rather than the Iokharic script, making translation more time consuming.

Passage of Interest

…And when it was discovered what Lady Minara had borne, the Sibling Kings and the Conclave found common purpose, for in the mingling of elf and dragon blood was the creation of something terrible, a being who, possessing the power of Death, could destroy all living things.

The bloodline of Vol, it was decided, must be exterminated, the abomination it had created destroyed.

The war was long and bloody, for while the Conclave had declared it the sacred duty of all dragons to do their part to purge the taint of Vol’s blasphemies, one Green Dragonflight fought for House Vol.

While Vol and its allies were imbued with the power of Death, it was the rage of this Dragonflight that proved to be their greatest weapon.

For the leader of this Dragonflight was the father of the creature borne by Lady Minara, and he swore that he would protect his child, that he would destroy her enemies, and that, for as long as he and his brethren drew breath, they would serve the Bloodline of Vol faithfully and completely.

And while he and his Dragonflight were utterly destroyed, and House Vol brought to utter ruin, this dragon’s name is still whispered by some in Aerenal, a warning of the dangers of engaging in dealings with Dragons:

The Emerald Claw.

Book of Aerenal Legends and Folklore

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