Heirs of the Dragon Between

The Heirs of the Dragon Between is a paramilitary organization founded in Olarune, 999 YK by select members of Nacole ir’Ryliss’ Frostell Expedition and their companions. The group’s purpose is to serve as a counter to the turmoil and conflict sweeping across Khorvaire and combat the imminent demonic threat posed by the Lords of Dust.

Current Roster

Commander: Lord Darin ir’Riclamin
Captain, Vengeance of Siberys: Paldrith d’Aldress
First Mate: Tethys Alandrel
Master-at-arms: Balothron Shieldbrow
Quartermaster: vacant
Chief Artificer: vacant
Deputy Artificer: Dolph ir’Aeolus
Carpenter: vacant
Healer: vacant
Armorer: vacant
Chaplain: Jonah of Mistmarch
Pilot, Glory of the Ancestors: Meriele Allriane
Master of Beasts: Bree

-Torra Alston
-Arjhan Da’Seka Flamebrow
-Rogan Syrrian

-Varis Immiar

Killed In Action
Lucan Samulkin
Ga’tog Steelbender
Leonid Comik
Manten Dramgrin
Uovana She-Hammer
Volog Storm-Peak


The Heirs of the Dragon Between possess one airship, Vengeance of Siberys and one skiff, Glory of the Ancestors, both stolen from House Lyrandar.

Heirs of the Dragon Between

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