Letter to Meredy Alandrel

The following is a letter Tethys Alandrel sent home to her mother, Meredy, in Regalport:

19 Zarantyr 999 YK


I cannot recall how long it has been since we’ve last spoken. Time seems to collapse beneath my feet even as I write, and I feel all at once like I am a child aboard the Albatross again — staying up late with everyone, trying to see who can name the most constellations in the night sky. And then I blink and suddenly everyone is sinking beneath the waves and I’m left just gaping at the horizon, pen in hand instead of sword, burning so fiercely against my skin I can feel blisters form and burst beneath its heat.

Something happened recently, mother, something stupid and terrifying and heartbreaking. I don’t want to say too much; I already fear that any correspondence I initiate might be tracked and used against me or, worse, you and Petril. You two are all I have left in this world, and even as war breaks out in our very own country, I live in fear every day that I may never see either of you again.

I don’t want to give you any false hope in a world which has none, and I can’t even explain why, but I feel like he’s alive. I know nothing is so simple, and I know we’ve had this conversation before and agreed that if he were alive he would have made contact with us somehow, but in my heart I always wished, always hoped, that we were wrong and maybe he couldn’t contact us because he was a part of something else, something bigger than any of us. I don’t know if I can afford to stray from my own destiny, but father swore upon his sword that he would bring him home to us if he ever received word that Matias was alive. Since that sword has since passed onto me, so has his promise.

I do not wish to endanger you or Petril with knowledge of my whereabouts, so I will not disclose where I will be heading next. No matter what happens, I swear I will return home to you. You have sheltered too much grief within yourself on account of our family — I could not bear it if you sheltered any more on my behalf.

With love, always,
Honor in Loyalty, Strength in Honor

Letter to Meredy Alandrel

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