A collection of the various rumors and gossip gathered by the party during their adventures:


Breland is under attack by the denizens of Droaam to the west and the forces of the Lord of Blades to the east. The ongoing civil turmoil between the monarchy and the parliament has left the military response to these threats and the ongoing war with Thrane uncoordinated


Following the attack of the Fortress of Fading Dreams, Karrnath has besieged the Winter Citadel, fearing a coordinated attack by all of the Feyspires

Lhazaar Principalities

The Direshark/Bloodsail/Cloudreaver alliance has emerged victorious, with Prince Kolberkon of the Diresharks named the new High PRince following Prince Ryger’s reported demise and the Sea Dragons’ disastrous defeats at Illmarrow and Regalport. The Grey Tide is unaccounted for, though Prince Kel is rumored to be dead

Mror Holds

Eladrin for the Fortress of Fading Dreams have invaded the Holds. The clans, divided over the Jhorash’tar issue, have yet to mount an effective response


Fearing an attack on their faith, the citizens of Hope have mounted an attack against New Galifar.

Talenta Plains

Halflings are fleeing the plains in masse, reportedly from “monsters”


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