The Draconic Prophecy

When the Artifact was recovered, the members of the expedition were granted comprehension of the following verse of the Draconic Prophecy:

One lock, unbroken, unyielding, the terror within confined for years uncounted

In the coldest depths of the Dragon Below, they enter its walls. Thirteen is their number, and, with their arrival, one, in the presence of the key, becomes twelve, divided and weakened, one by one unlocked in its appointed time.

The Cauldron again begins to boil, brother against brother, friend against friend, and as the dragons devour themselves, the Lords of Dust rise once more.

Several months later, the Dragonmarked members of the expedition received a vision seemingly related to the prophecy:

A shadowy figure stands before the vast wall of ice where the Artifact was once held, the immense shadow still visible behind it. Above, the Ring of Siberys is clearly visible, all twelve moons present, with Zarantyr largest and brightest. The figure places a hand in the indention that marks the artifacts former resting place and whispers, “The Storm is unleashed, the First is broken.” When he said this, the shadow behind the wall suddenly moved.

Afterwards, Varis Immiar was found dead.

The Draconic Prophecy

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