The Frostfell Expedition

The Frostfell Expedition was a mission funded, organized, and led by Lady Nacole ir’Ryliss of Aundair to retrieve a mysterious and powerful object from the icy wastes of the Frostfell in the summer of YK 998.


Two House Lyrandar Airships were chartered to carry the supplies and personnel, and two House Deneith Blademarks were hired to oversee the security of the mission. In addition, twelve individuals from a variety of specialties and fields were hired as the core of the expedition:

Adrik, a Dwarf of the Mror Holds
Arjhan, a Dragonborn of Q’barra
Daruush, a Hobgoblin of Darguun
Sir Vulgrim a Half-orc of Thrane
Tethys, a human of the Lhazzar Principalities
Bree, a Halfling of the Talenta Plains
Brook, a Shifter of the Eldeen Reaches
Zam, a Changeling formerly of Cyre
Varis an Elf of Valenar
Melchizedek, a Tiefling of Karrnath
Torra a Gnome of Zilargo
Dolph a human of Breland

The Expedition also included Lady ir’Ryliss’ two Warforged bodyguards and the crews of the airships.

The Expedition

The expedition departed from Fairhaven on 24 Barrakas, YK 998, and reached its destination in Frostfell approximately one week later. Exploration of the tunnels led the expedition to a temple, seemingly dating back to the Age of Demons, that straddled the borders of Eberron, the Dragon Between, and Khyber, the great elemental chaos of the Dragon Below. Along with the largest single discovery of Khyber dragonshards ever recorded, the team located the artifact they sought in an immense cavern, the walls of which were laced with the faint but clear lines of the Draconic Prophecy. The artifact itself was set into a wall of ice of unfathomable dimensions, and behind which a vague, shadowy shape could be seen.

Upon recovering the item, the team was struck with disturbing visions and a sudden understanding of a single verse of the Draconic Prophecy. In addition, each of the thirteen members of the team present manifested a dragonmark.

Following sudden attacks from both demons and agents of the Order of the Emerald Claw, the decision was made to travel to Stormhome, crossing over the Demon Wastes to save time and lose pursuit.


Crossing the Demon Wastes attracted the attention of two Volcanic Dragons. Their attacks, joined with those of the Emerald Claw, resulted in the destruction of both airships over the Eldeen Bay and the loss of the recovered dragonshards, though not the Artifact itself. The survivors eventually reunited in Thaliost, where Sir Vulgrim, managed, over the objection of some of the party, to give the Artifact to the Church of the Silver Flame

Known Casualties
  • Captain Alistair d’Lyrandar
  • Captain Mazzia d’Lyrandar
  • Zam
  • Erastus and Lamgin, Deneith Blademarks
  • Armor and Shield, Warforged bodyguards
  • All crew of the Sky Haven and Fortune Hunter

The Frostfell Expedition

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