Visions from the Artifact Chamber

When the Artifact was picked up, each member of the expedtion recieved a frightening vision of their homeland consumed by conflict and war, though only a few have shared the details of their visions:


Gatherhold is in flames. Those attempting to flee are run down and butchered by the halflings waiting in the surrounding plains. Members of the Houses Jorasco and Ghallandra are dragged before the attackers’ leader and burnt alive, while non-halflings are stripped naked and set loose, forced to survive with nothing.


Brokenblade Castle, seemingly in the possession of the Silver Flame, besieged by an army under an unfamiliar banner.


Direshark and Bloodsail, ships attack Regalport. Prince Ryger’s Dragoneye is nowhere to be seen. Ships composed of the elements themselves destroy everything in their path.

Visions from the Artifact Chamber

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