The Chosen


Not much is known about the changeling known as “The Chosen,” as he is either unable or unwilling to talk about that aspect of his identity (if he even considers it as such). He is a member of the Cabinet of Faces and a devout worshiper of the Traveler. He is so dedicated to his deity’s tenets that at a simple command (You are Chosen. You are no longer required) he is able to adopt a completely new identity: a new appearance, new mannerisms, new personality, new morals, etc., to the point of considering discarded identities as entirely separate people, rather than roles he had previously assumed

Whomever he is needed to be, he is, until told otherwise. He has shown an unwillingness to break character even at great risk to himself, suggesting something other than simple acting talent may be behind his abilities.

He has been accompanying the Heirs of the Dragon Between now for months, though his exact purpose is unknown, though his affiliation with the cabinet was discovered via a mysterious note left in Balothron’s memoirs.

Known identities of The Chosen include:

(At the Command of the Cabinet of Faces)

Gavin Sol, Human advocate in Sharn
Kinharathad, Kalashtar exile from Sarlona
Thorn, Shifter devotee of The Fury from Xen’Drik

(At the Command of the Heirs of the Dragon Between)

Taun, Changeling devotee of The Traveler from the Lhazaar Principalities
Bael, Half-orc dragonslayer

The Chosen

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